Webinar Reflexology and diseases of the senses

In this webinar I’ll show you how to treat some diseases like cold, hayfever, earache, pain in the joint of the jaw by reflexology-techniques on special locations on the toes.

Based on complaints and specific drawings I will explain it.

You register and aproximately 2-3 weeks beforehand you’ll receive the invoice. The invoice has to be paid at least 4 days before the actual zoomsession. After payment you will receive an email with information about participation (zoom-link etc.).

After participating in the webinar you will receive a proof of participation and a link so can see it again in your own time.

The webinar is not approved of by any association. Most professional associations however provide an opportunity to attend unapproved refresher courses.


Prijs €25,-
Accreditatie not approved by a reflexology-association

Dit vond een zakelijke cliënt van de behandeling:

"De afgelopen jaren zat ik niet lekker in mijn vel. Door de voedingstips die ik kreeg voelde ik me binnen een paar weken fitter en vitaler, waardoor ik mijn werk beter kon doen." - Marieke