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WEBINAR Reflexology & Sensitivity (English version)

Are you a High Sensitive Person (HSP)? Or maybe you have many clients, who are highly sensitive.
In our current society there are a lot of strimuli, e.g. smartphone, television, social media, social pressure.
What complaints do high sensitive persons experience?

Some examples:

  • headache
  • less concentration
  • dizziness
  • burn-out
  • bad sleeping habits
  • fatigue

When are all those stimuli too much and you are diagnosed as a highly sensitive person?
And how do you, as a highly sensitive therapist, handle this?
And what are the differences and similarities between a High Sensitive Person (HSP) and a High Sensation Seeker (HSS)?

In this hands-on webinar with a lot of theory and excercises:

  • you’ll get  background information about HSP and HSS
  • we’ll tune in on the differences and similarities between HSP and HSS
  • you’ll gain new scientific insight about HSP and HSS
  • you’ll see the qualities of HSP and HSS
  • you’ll get to know how you, as a therapist, can assist clients
  • you’ll learn how to intervene with reflexology-techniqqes

When:        29 April & 6 May
Time:         13.30-16.45h (Dutch time)
Duration:  approximately 6 hours
Costs:        €165,-

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